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Rachael Diprose

Senior Lecturer In Indonesian Studies
social sciences
area studies
inter-faith relations
political reform
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Rachael Diprose

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Rachael Diprose


I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS) in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. I teach in the Master of Development Studies program and am appointed as the SSPS Senior Lecturer that supports SSPS partnerships with Indonesian universities, government and civil society organisations.

I have also convened executive education programs for government and civil society organisations in public policy and research. My research interests traverse two inter-related streams of research. First, in international development with a particular focus on understanding inequalities and poverty reduction (including gender and empowerment), institutional reform processes, resource governance, and how large-scale development interventions intersect with rapidly changing political and socio-economic contexts. Second, in understanding political order, decentralisation and multi-level governance, and processes of conflict management, conflict transformation and peacebuilding in these rapidly changing contexts. I collaborate with colleagues at Melbourne, SOAS, LSE, the University of Gadjah Mada, the University of Indonesia, and elsewhere on multiple research projects in these fields and in joint teaching and other initiatives. Formerly of the University of Oxford, Department of International Development, I have led academic and applied mixed-methods research programs in a number of countries, particularly in Southeast Asia and West Africa – within and outside academia. I have long worked together with academics, senior policy makers, development practitioners, and civil society organisations in a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe in both research and development, and remain an advisor on several development programs in Indonesia.

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Faculty Award: Best New Book in the Sociology of Development

American Sociological Association


United Kingdom Wingate Foundation Scholar

United Kingdom Wingate Foundation





Senior Lecturer In Indonesian Studies

Social And Political Sciences


Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Commerce

University of New South Wales

Doctor of Philosophy

University of Oxford