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Barbara Barbosa Neves

Information & Communication Technologies
Digital and social inclusion
Technology adoption and non-adoption in later life
Social mobility
social sciences
science & technology
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Barbara Barbosa Neves

Primary Interest
Life course studies
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Barbara Barbosa Neves


Dr Barbara Barbosa Neves is a lecturer in Sociology in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Previously, she was an Associate Director and Research Associate of the 'Technologies for Aging Gracefully Lab' (TAGlab) at the department of Computer Science of the University of Toronto (2014-2015).

Prior to this appointment, she was an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Lisbon (2012-2014). At the University of Toronto, Dr Neves taught social research methods for computer scientists; at the University of Lisbon, she taught research methods, sociology of technology, introduction to sociology, contemporary sociological thought, digital media, and sociology of gender at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. She was also a visiting scholar at the University of Oslo (2009-2011), a visiting researcher at Netlab, University of Toronto (2008-2012), and an invited doctoral student at the University of Oxford (SDP, 2008).

Barbara's research intersects sociology of technology, social networks, ageing, families, and social inequalities. In particular, she studies the determinants and effects of the adoption and non-adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in early and late adulthood as well as the links between social and digital inequalities. She specializes in mixed-methods and participatory research. Her current research focuses on: 1) social isolation and loneliness among older Australians and the role of ICTs in addressing both, and 2) Virtual Reality and robopets to enhance social connectedness and well-being in later life.

Her research has been published in a range of top tier Sociology journals and Computer Science (HCI) outlets, including Social Science Research, CHI, and Information Communication and Society. It has also been featured in the Canadian, Portuguese, and Brazilian media (TV, radio, and press). In addition, her studies have been used to improve the design, implementation, and evaluation of communication technologies for older adults as well as to inform public policies on digital inclusion.

Barbara is an elected board member of the Committee on Family Research (RC06) of the International Sociological Association since 2012. For the 2014-2018 term, she is the secretary and treasurer of the committee. She is also the Program Coordinator for the RC06 conference sessions at the International Sociological Association World Congress, to be held in Toronto in 2018.

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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


Best Publication & Research Award (2011-2012)



Invited Visiting Scholar (2009-2011)

IMK, University of Oslo


Invited Doctoral Student, Oxford Internet Institute's Summer Doctoral Program (OII-SDP)

University of Oxford


Visiting Doctoral Researcher

NetLab, University of Toronto


Eurex Urban Studies Online Seminar Grant

University of Urbino


Master of Science scholarship (2005-2007)

Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology






Social And Political Sciences

It Access

Social And Political Sciences


Social And Political Sciences

Affiliate Researcher

Invited Research Fellow, eplanning lab, University of Aveiro & MIT

Affiliate Researcher

Affiliate Researcher, AGE-WELL National Centers of Excellence (NCE) network, Canada

Elected Board Member

International Sociological Association, Research Committee on Family Research, Elected Board Member (2010-2018)

Member Of The Following Research Committees: Family (Rc06), Aging (Rc11), And Science And Technology (Rc23

International Sociological Association

Invited Research Fellow

Invited Research Fellow, University of Lisbon


Master of Science degree (Sociology)

University of Lisbon

Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology)

University of Lisbon


University of Lisbon