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April Li

Research Fellow In Solvent Extraction Technologies
Minerals and bioactive compounds
Solvent extraction
solvent absorption
science & technology
solvent extraction
dispersed-phase holdup
hydraulic characteristics
chemistry, multidisciplinary
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April Li

Primary Interest
Separation Technologies
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April Li


Dr Wen Li is a research fellow working on the metal and bioactive component recovery using solvent extraction technologies in collaborations with national and international industrial partners. Wen worked on the hydrometallurgical processing and crystallization and received her Master’s degree in the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of British Columbia.

Then she joined the Solvent Extraction Group led by Prof. Geoff Stevens and Assoc Prof. Kathryn Mumford in 2014. During Wen’s PhD, she designed a pulse solvent extraction with different internal structures, performed bench-scale extraction isotherms and pilot-scale column operation and developed models for the prediction of column performance. Wen won the IChemE Global Award for Young Researchers Finalist in 2017.Wen’s research interests are in the areas of hydrometallurgy and separation technologies particularly solvent extraction and solvent absorption that ranging from developing novel process, discovering and testing novel solvents and designing and modeling large scale reactor in the mining, pharmaceutical and energy fields. Wen has worked on various projects including developing industrial processes, process model and techno economic analysis and designing large scale reactors.

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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


IChemE Global Award for Young Researcher Finalist

Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)





Research Fellow In Solvent Extraction Technologies

Chemical Engineering


PhD of Chemical Engineering

University of Melbourne

Master of Applied Science

University of British Columbia