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Suzanne Kapp

Senior Lecturer In Nursing
Skin integrity and chronic wounds (leg ulcers
pressure injuries)
science & technology
life sciences & biomedicine
aged, 80 and over
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Suzanne Kapp

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
Primary Interest
Self-management and self-treatment of wounds
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Suzanne Kapp


About: Dr Suzanne Kapp is a registered nurse who has experience in the acute, sub-acute, community and residential aged care settings. While wound management is her area of clinical and research expertise, her knowledge and skills apply to a range of areas in chronic disease and healthcare more broadly.

Suzanne maintains her clinical practice in her honorary roles at Northern Health and the Royal Children's Hospital, to remain well connected with healthcare consumers and health care professionals, and to maintain and improve her nursing practice. Suzanne completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2016, her mixed methods research investigating self-treatment of chronic wounds. Her previous studies have included a Master of Nursing Science (minor thesis), a Post Graduate Diploma of Advanced Nursing (community health nursing) and a Bachelor of Nursing. Most recently she completed formal project management training resulting in certification as a Prince2 Registered Practitioner. Suzanne works in the Department of Nursing at The University of Melbourne where she supports the Master of Advanced Nursing Practice programs, in particular research methods training and minor thesis coordination. Suzanne’s research interests and areas of expertise are: chronic wound prevention and management; evaluation of wound treatments and therapies; patient enablement, patient education and self-management; system and out-of-pocket healthcare costs; e-health, wound imaging and wound measurement, implementation of clinical practice guidelines; scope of practice and research governance

Recent media and interviews:
Wounds need more than time to heal
Early intervention is vital when treating chronic wounds
Healing the wounded
Understanding self-treatment of chronic wounds

Upcoming presentations:
Kapp, S. (Nov 2020). Plenary. Self-treatment in wound care. Power to the people. Wounds Australia National Conference Brisbane.

Current Research: Kapp S., Gerdtz, M., Woodward, M., Wilson, L., Gefen, A. Padula, B. & Santamaria, N (notified successful in July 2020). Remote expert nurse consultation for pressure injury prevention and management in residential aged care. Victorian Government, Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund ($376,800)
Kapp, S., Gerdtz, M., Sage, S., Shea, A. & Santamaria, N. (Enrolment phase). The Pressure Injury Digital Image Library (PIDIL) Project. The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health
Kapp S., Gerdtz, M., Gefen, A. Padula, B., Alves, P., Trevellini, C., Ghosh, A., Shea, A., Cross, A. & Santamaria, N (Enrolment phase). A randomised controlled trial of a turning and positioning system for the prevention of pressure injuries in the Intensive Care Unit. Mölnlycke Health Care AB. Sweden
Kapp, S., Cullum, N., Gerdtz, M., Atkinson, R. & Edbrook, L (Acquitted, reporting phase). Informing self-management of chronic wounds: establishing research priorities. The University of Melbourne - University of Manchester Research Fund 2018

Committee Membership: Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH) Care of the Ageing Subcommittee and MACH Australian Health Research Alliance subcommittee of the National Wound Initiative.


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Previous Research

Kapp S., Gerdtz M., Gefen A. & Santamaria N. (2018). Improving resident positioning to prevent pressure injuries in aged care. Gandel Philanthropy $30,000

Kapp, S., Cullum, N., Gerdtz, M., Atkinson, R. & Bolton, J. (2018). Informing self-management of chronic wounds: establishing research priorities. The University of Melbourne - University of Manchester Research Fund $20,000

Santamaria, N., Gerdtz, M., Kapp S., Wilson, L. & Gefen, A. (2015). A cluster randomised trial of the effectiveness of Mepilex Border dressings in the prevention of sacral and heel pressure injuries in aged care facilities. Molnlycke Health Care $391,000

Santamaria, N., Kapp S., Wilson, L. (2016). The cost of pressure injuries in residential aged care facilities. Wound Management Innovation Collaborative Research Centre $20,000

Kapp, S.; Santamaria, N. (2017). The reliability of the Capacity for Self-treatment of Chronic Wounds Scale (CSCWS). The University of Melbourne, funded by the Australian Wound Management Association Research Foundation


Edwards H., Ogrin R., Hodgkinson B., Smith D., Finlayson K., Miller C., Burrows P., Coleman K., Gibb M., Kapp S., Tennant R., Francis M. & Parker C. et., al. (2013-2015). Wound Risk Assessment and Prevention Study. Queensland University of Technology and the Wound Management Innovations CRC $589,839

Tyler, M., Towers, C., Herbert, M., Kapp, S. & Advocat, J. (2012-2014). Integrated Telehealth Project Funded by the Australian Government under the National Broadband Network (NBN) Enabled Telehealth Pilots Project $2,993,037

Kapp, S., Miller, C., Newall, N., Lewin, G., Wilson, L., Pout, C. & Woodward, M. (2011-2014). Better wound practice for people with or at risk of wounds in the community Project. Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services under the Encouraging Better Practice in Aged Care Initiative Funding Round 3 $800,800

Kapp, S., Miller, C., Sayers, V. & Donohue, L. (2008-2011). Forever Healed Project Funded by the Sydney Myer Foundation ($50,000), the Angior Family Foundation (

0,000) and Dame Elisabeth Murdoch $20,000

Kapp, S (2007-2008). Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Project funded by RDNS Foundation. $20,000

Miller, C., Kapp, S., Karimi, L. & Donohue, L (2006-2007). Silhouette Mobile laser wound imaging and measurement device evaluation Funded by Gandel Philanthropy $51,000

Kapp, S, Miller, C. & Elder, K. (2005-2007). Venous Leg Ulcer Study Funded by the Department of Human Services Victoria, under the District Nursing Wound Dressing Grants Project $75,164

Kapp, S., Donohue, L., Nunn, R., & Miller, C. (2008 - 2009). Recall and Review Project Funded by the Department of Human Services, Victoria


Miller, C., Newell, N., Kapp, S., Lewin, G., Karimi, L., Carville, K., Gliddon, T. & Santamaria, N. (2005 - 2008). A search for the silver lining, achieving best practice in leg ulcer management Funded by the Angior Family Foundation


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Honours, Awards and Fellowships


Emerging Nurse Scholars Forum Scholarship

Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto (


Melbourne Abroad Travel Scholarship $650


The Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women. Nurses Memorial Centre (


The Cybec Foundation Travel Scholarship ($2000)


Australian College of Nursing, Aged Care Scholarship for Continuing Professional Development


The Cybec Foundation Travel Scholarship ($2000)






Senior Lecturer In Nursing


A ‘Living Memorial’ To The Australian Nurses Who Gave Their Life Or Spent Years In Japanese Prisoner-Of-War Camps.

Nurses Memorial Centre

Peak Body For Those Involved In Telehealth In Australia And New Zealand.

Australasian Telehealth Society

The Peak Body For Wounds Care And Management In Australia Through Advocacy, Education And Research

Wounds Australia

Regulatory Board For Australian Health Practitioners

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia

Union For Australian Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Midwives, And Assistants In Nursing.

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation



Doctor of Philosophy

University of Melbourne

Master of Nursing Science (Minor Thesis)

La Trobe University

Post Graduate Diploma of Advanced Nursing (Community)

La Trobe University

Bachelor of Nursing

La Trobe University