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Hari Bapuji

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Hari Bapuji

Business And Economics
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Hari Bapuji


Dr. Hari Bapuji is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Melbourne, Australia. His research and teaching broadly cover strategic management and international business.

His current research is predominantly focused on how economic inequality affects organizations, and vice versa.

Dr. Bapuji has published numerous scholarly articles that appeared in leading management journals, including Business and Society, Harvard Business Review, Human Relations, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Operations Management, Management and Organization Review, Management Learning, Strategic Organization, and Organization. In addition, he published a book “Not Just China: The Rise of Recalls in the Age of Global Business,” which has been recognized as an outstanding academic title by CHOICE Magazine.

Dr. Bapuji’s research has been instrumental in shaping public discourse on global product safety and has been widely cited by hundreds of print and electronic media outlets, including New York Times, Huffington Post, Financial Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Washington Post, China Daily, USA Today, Sydney Morning Herald, People’s Daily, CBC, The Globe and Mail and Straits Times.

Dr. Bapuji won a number of awards and grants for his research and has authored cases used by thousands of students around the world. He has over ten years of industry experience in information technology and human resource management.


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Professor In Management

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