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Rebecca Yee

Research Fellow In Future Fuels Crc
Chemical Engineering
STEM communication
instructional design
Urban farming
cation exchange membranes
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Rebecca Yee

Primary Interest
Renewable energy
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Rebecca Yee


Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am a research fellow at The University of Melbourne.

I love the ocean and am concerned about the future of our marine environments. I believe we need to transition to a more sustainable civilization immediately. I am fortunate to be working with many passionate and talented people to design and build this world. I am particularly interested in energy and water. Nutrient cycles, mass and energy balances, how waste can be used as a resource. BFI, a company I founded in 2014, is developing biotechnology to commercialise sustainable feedstocks to replace our dependence on fossil fuels. We aim to close waste, food, and energy loops to integrate a circular economy into Australian supply chains. With 90% of us living in urban centers, where our food and energy comes from, how efficiently it gets to us will be a complex but fascinating challenge to manage. We research, design, and build biodiesel plants, wastewater treatment, seaweed farms and hydroponic greenhouses. I get excited about science communication and education because getting everyone, from babies to baby boomers, to be curious about the world is core to changing it. I am a strong advocate for broader life-long education. I have been an accredited swimming teacher for over 15 years, specializing in teaching Adult Beginners. I am currently working on a series of children's books, Splash! I am working with the Future Fuels CRC to research and develop sustainable production of hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic methane, and gas carriers that can decarbonise energy networks. Crude oil (38%) and coal (32%) still make up the main energy sources of Australia. Lots of interesting technoeconomic modelling and feasibility studies. Happy to grab coffee and chat about any of the below interests. Please get in touch!

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Prime Ministers Australia Asia Endeavour Award





Research Fellow In Future Fuels Crc

Chemical Engineering


The Churchill Club


PhD in Chemical Engineering

Monash University