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Leon de Bruin

Lecturer In Music (Performance Teaching)
Melbourne Conservatorium Of Music
learning and teaching
cognitive apprenticeship
creativity in education
teacher education
instrumental music learning
distributed regulation
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Leon de Bruin

Fine Arts And Music
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Leon de Bruin


Dr Leon de Bruin is Lecturer in Music Performance Teaching at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, the University of Melbourne. A diverse career as a trumpeter, music educator, and researcher includes professional performance, directorships, extensive instrumental music teaching and research spanning the learning and teaching of instrumental music pedagogy and practice, education, creativity, educational psychology in music, improvisation, communities of musical practice, and qualitative/post qualitative research methods.

Leon completed undergraduate training in music education at the University of Melbourne Institute of Education, before gaining a Licentiate (L.R.C.M) in trumpet performance from the Royal School of Music London, and a Doctor of Philosophy at Monash University. Trained as a music teacher Leon has taught in a range of State and Independent schools for over 25 years, cultivating a wide range of teaching experience, instigating several music departments and teaching across diverse secondary school environments. Within the University sector he has worked in both undergraduate and post graduate teacher education at both RMIT University School of Education and Monash University Faculty of Education in the areas of music education, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and research methods. Leon’s research spans applied music teaching expertise (behavioral, cognitive, social, cultural, and relational/affective perspectives), music performance, applications of situated learning contexts and teacher training. Impacting and developing teacher capacities, his research on distributed regulation, interpersonal connectivity in teaching and learning reinforces the development of creative and critical thinking capacities in learners in and through music. He has also published in the areas of improvisational learning and creative practices, jazz/improvised communities of musical practice, intercultural music-making, community music, creativity in education, as well as qualitative and post qualitative research methods. His extensive research publications provide deepened understandings of teacher- student behaviours and pedagogies that enhance learning in various music learning settings. . Leon is the Vice-President of the Australian Society for Music Education and currently serves on the National Alliance for Arts Education (NAAE), and the Australia & New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education. He has been an examiner for the Victorian VCE in Music Performance and written examinations and is a passionate advocate for quality instrumental and classroom music learning and teaching in schools. Leon serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Music Education and Thinking Skills and Creativity. He has a substantial published output with over 50 articles and book chapters in a wide range of journals, books and conference proceedings. Included among these is a co-edited volume entitled Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice: International Perspectives for the Future of Learning and Teaching (Brill, 2018) and book chapters such as Organisational Change for Creativity in Education ( Palgrave, 2018), Creative Ecologies in Education Futures ( Palgrave, 2019), Beyond Ropar Bar: Transcultural and transformative collaborations of the Australian Art Orchestra and the Young Wagilak Group ( Information Age Publishing, 2017), and Critical Autoethnography and musical improvisation: Reflections and 21st century dimensions (Palgrave, 2018). He is also co-author of Creativity in Education, in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education (OUP). To view Leon’s research profiles, please see his webpages on the following sites:

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2019 Social Media Impact Award

Australian Association for Research in Education


2018 ASME Callaway Doctoral award

Australian Society for Music education


2017 Monash UniversityVice-Chancellor's commendation for excellence.

Monash University


Monash University Publication Award


LRSM - Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music





Lecturer In Music (Performance Teaching)

Melbourne Conservatorium Of Music

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National Advocates for Arts education ( NAAE)

Vice President

Australian Society for Music Education


Australia and New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education


Doctor of Philosophy

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