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Carsten Roever

Associate Professor In Applied Linguistics
Conversation Analysis
Second language acquisition
Interlanguage pragmatics
Second language testing
social sciences
language & linguistics
education & educational research
interlanguage pragmatics
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Carsten Roever

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Applied Linguistics
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Carsten Roever


Carsten Roever is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics. His research interests are language testing, interlanguage pragmatics and second language acquisition with a particular focus on learning and assessment of interactional competence in a second language.

While his own research focuses on English as a target language, he has also supervised students working on learning of interactional abilities in Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian and Vietnamese. Carsten was trained as a secondary school teacher for English (TESOL) and Psychology at Gerhard Mercator University in Duisburg, Germany. He worked as an ESL teacher for business English and subsequently undertook a Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition at the University of Hawai'i, where he graduated in 2001 with a dissertation on testing of ESL pragmatics (supervised by Prof. Gabriele Kasper). He worked for a year in test research at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ, before joining the University of Melbourne in 2002 as Lecturer in Applied Linguistics.Carsten has authored a number of articles, book chapters and books, including "Language testing: the social dimension" (Blackwell, 2006) with Tim McNamara and "Testing ESL sociopragmatics" (Lang, 2014) with Cathie Elder and Catriona Fraser. He served as co-editor of the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics from 2009-2015.

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Associate Professor In Applied Linguistics

Languages And Linguistics


Doctor of Philosophy in Second Language Acquisition

University of Hawaii

Certificate in Teaching German as a Foreign Language

Goethe Institute

1st State Exam for Secondary Schools in TESOL & Psychology

Gerhard Mercator University