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Mike Hubbard

Melbourne Dental School
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Mike Hubbard

Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences
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Translation of orofacial sciences
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Mike Hubbard


Short History
Following graduation as a dentist from the University of Otago in New Zealand, Mike did a PhD in Biochemistry (Otago), spent a year in private dental practice, then undertook postdoctoral research fellowships investigating calcium signalling with Claude Klee (National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA) and protein phosphorylation with Sir Philip Cohen (University of Dundee, Scotland). On return to Otago in 1990, he established his independent biomedical research career focusing on biochemical peculiarities of the cells that form dental enamel.

In 2003, Mike shifted camp to The University of Melbourne. Based in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, his overall mission was to promote translational research and education in the oral and facial sciences with a focus on prevalent tooth and bone problems.

New Translational Initiatives
Since 2003, Mike has spear-headed development of the Melbourne Research Unit for Facial Disorders into a pioneering translational research initiative with active fronts in oral health and biomedical technology. Two network-groups and a commercial start-up have ensued alongside breakthrough research.

First, he instigated a cross-sector technology network known today as Proteomics & Metabolomics Victoria. This initiative has strengthened the sector through several key improvements (unity, technology access, communication, education, strategy & advocacy).

Second, he instigated The D3 Group for Developmental Dental Defects. This Australasian network is now being internationalised and brings together a broad medico-dental community (researchers, clinicians, public health, industry & affected families) with the aim to improve understanding and care of people with "chalky teeth" (D3s). In 2013 Mike launched a comprehensive online-education resource ( and public awareness campaign (The Chalky Teeth Campaign).

Third, building from their biochemical research, Mike and Jon Mangum patented a diagnostic for porous tooth enamel and spun-out Incisive Technologies Pty Ltd.

Much potential exists to grow these synergistic initiatives, thereby translating robust, clinically-relevant science from the laboratory through to education and social good.

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Melbourne Research Unit for Facial Disorders:

MRUFD lab:

The D3 Group:

The Chalky Teeth Campaign:

Proteomics and Metabolomics Victoria:

ToothPrint Proteomics database:

Current Roles
• Research director, Melbourne Research Unit for Facial Disorders
• Founder and director, The D3 Group for Developmental Dental Defects
• Co-founder and senior scientist, Incisive Technologies Pty Ltd
• Founder and strategist, Proteomics & Metabolomics Victoria

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