Reversing the loss of Leadbeater's Possum habitat: An integrated stand- and landscape-scale approach to accelerating habitat development

Grant number: LP140100580 | Funding period: 2015 - 2019



Rapid loss of habitat threatens the Leadbeater's possum with extinction before the end of this century. This project aims to develop a range of stand-scale silvicultural prescriptions to accelerate the development of the key features of Leadbeater's possum habitat: large, hollow-bearing trees and a relatively dense Acacia mid-storey. These aim to then inform landscape-scale management planning scenarios developed in conjunction with the Partner Organisations, DEPI and VicForests, to identify spatially and temporally explicit strategies for modifying forest management practices in the key areas of Leadbeater's possum habitat. The outcome aims to be an empirically based landscape-scale managem..

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