The function and misfunction of serum apolipoproteins: lipid binding and protein misfolding.

Grant number: FT140100544 | Funding period: 2015 - 2019



The interaction between proteins and lipids is a fundamental aspect of cellular processes in all organisms. Lipid binding proteins must be structurally dynamic to perform their function, which predisposes them to misfolding and aggregation. This project aims to assess the structural mechanisms of lipid binding by apolipoproteins, and how these proteins balance this function with their propensity to misfold. It will focus on apolipoprotein (apo)A-I as a model serum apolipoprotein that binds lipids and mediates lipid transport in circulation. This project also aims to provide an important new understanding of protein-lipid interactions, the structural mechanisms of apolipoproteins, and the pro..

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