Work, income, spending, and wellbeing in Australia: A multi-level, longitudinal analysis of individuals and households

Grant number: FT140100629 | Funding period: 2014 - 2018



Social science research on the effects of income on wellbeing is substantial, however, this research has largely missed five crucial factors. These factors include: the work people do to generate income; how they use income; effects on physical and social wellbeing; effects at the household level; and causal effects at multiple levels. This project aims to address all of these factors with a new model of wellbeing, the Work-Income-Spending-Effects (WISE) model, and utilises the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia database. This project also aims to demonstrate trade-offs among work, income, spending, and multiple types of wellbeing within a new paradigm for engaging the Austra..

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