The Partnership Centre On Dealing With Cognitive And Related Functional Decline In Older People,Also Known As The Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre Or (Cdpc)-Dementia In The Public Domain: Attitudes And Interventions - Activity 18

Grant number: 9100000 | Funding period: 2016 - 2019



The focus of this Partnership Centre is how to better apply our existing knowledge and how to create new knowledge that will directly improve support to those elderly suffering from cognitive decline, their carer’s (formal and informal) and the various agencies delivering services for them. This Partnership Centre’s Investigator Team will engage in a range of activities to improve aged care service planning (including continuity of care and risk assessments of community care); develop and implement new approaches to support informal carer’s; reduce stigma around cognitive decline in both the health care and community context; improve the size and quality of the aged care workforce; assist wi..

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