Strengthening Exercise Or Combined Strengthening And Aerobic Exercise For Hip Osteoarthritis: A Randomised Clinical Trial

Grant number: 1159045 | Funding period: 2019 - 2023



The International Research Fellowship Program enables U.S. scientists and engineers to conduct nine to twenty-four months of research abroad. The program's awards provide opportunities for joint research, and the use of unique or complementary facilities, expertise and experimental conditions abroad. This award will support a twenty-four-month research fellowship by Dr. Benjamin Wyser to work with Dr. Michel Brion at Universite Joseph Fourier Mathematics in Grenoble, France. Given a complex reductive group G and an involution of G, one can consider the subgroup K of G consisting of elements fixed by the involution. Such a subgroup is referred to as "symmetric". The set of K-orbits on the fla..

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