Does repeated influenza vaccination constrain influenza immune responses and protection? (NIH RO1 Sullivan Resubmission)

Grant number: 1R01AI141534-01 | Funding period: 2019 - 2024



PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACT Over 140 million Americans are among the more than 500 million people who receive influenza vaccines an- nually. An important subgroup are healthcare workers (HCWs) for whom vaccination is recommended, and sometimes mandated, to protect themselves and vulnerable patients from influenza infection. However, there have been no large, long term studies of HCWs to support the effectiveness of these policies. HCWs are now a highly vaccinated population, the effects of which are also poorly understood. Mounting evidence suggests an- tibody responses to vaccination can be attenuated with repeated vaccination, which is corroborated by reports of poor vaccine effectiveness amo..

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