The Role Of Resident Mast Cells In Ischaemia-Reperfusion Injury Of Skeletal Muscle

Grant number: 209113


NHMRC 209113 LAY DESCRIPTION Ischaemia reperfusion injury occurs in skeletal muscle when the blood-oxygen supply is cut off (ischaemia) and later restored (reperfusion). If the duration of ischaemia is short some of the muscle survives. However, when blood flow and oxygen are restored the muscle is subjected to more injury, which is thought to be caused by oxygen and-or white blood cells. This type of injury occurs in muscle which has been crushed, limbs that have been broken or traumatized, in replantation of amputated parts, in transplantation, after some surgical procedures and after microsurgical transfer of muscle. Once established there is no effective treatment. Our experiments show t..

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