A Trial Of Surgery Versus Surgery Plus Adjuvant Radiotherapy In Patients With Resected Nodal Metastatic Melanoma

Grant number: 251732


Skin cancer is extremely common in Australia but usually presents early and is highly curable. Malignant melanoma is the third commonest skin cancer, however is the most lethal. When melanoma spreads away from its primary site on the skin it most frequently presents as a lump in the regional node basin (lymph node metastases). The region containing malignant lymph nodes (or glands) is dependent on where the primary melanoma occurred on the skin. Thus a primary melanoma on the arm or chest would be expected to spread to nodes in the axilla (armpit) or on the leg to the groin, or on the face to the neck. The standard treatment is surgery (lymphadenectomy, therapeutic lymph node dissection) to ..

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