Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Mutations Associated With Ovarian, Colon And Breast Tumours

Grant number: 288712


Colorectal and breast cancers are the two most common registrable cancers in Australia and are second only to lung cancer in the total number of cancer deaths each year (4,678 and 2,612 deaths in 1997 for colorectal and breast, respectively). Ovarian cancer kills a further 740 women each year (Source: Cancer in Australia 1997, AIHW and AACR 2000). Thus, on average, one Australian dies of colorectal, breast or ovarian cancer every hour! Clearly, these are major diseases with a significant impact on our society. Unfortunately, though, we still do not understand the basic molecular and-or biochemical abnormalities that initiate and-or drive the development of these cancers. Recent functional an..

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