Characterisation Of The Anti-Apoptotic Function Of P-Glycoprotein And Transcriptional Regulation Of The Mdr1 Gene

Grant number: 350308


The ability of tumor cells to survive treatment by chemotherapy is a major obstacle in curing patients with cancer. One mechanism by which cancer cells become multidrug resistant (MDR) is their acquired expression of a protein called P-glycoprotein (P-gp) that extrudes cytotoxic drugs out of the cancer cell. We have defined a novel role for P-gp in protecting cells against death induced by non-drug stimuli, where an efflux effect of P-gp would have no obvious benefit. This broader survival effect of P-gp may be explained by its ability to regulate the activity of key enzymes (caspases) that exist within cells to induce cell suicide when appropriate. Many chemotherapeutic drugs activate caspa..

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