Suppression Of Nadph Oxidase-Derived Oxidative Stress By Anti-Sense Probes And Hdl In Human Vascular Endothelium

Grant number: 350482


In Australia, coronary heart disease (CHD) causing heart attacks remains the largest cause of death, claiming a staggering 28,000 lives a year. Oxidative stress, resulting from increased production of oxygen free radicals in arteries, is an important cause of CHD, heart attacks and strokes. We seek to understand how such oxyradicals are produced in the key cells that form the lining of all arteries, known as the vascular endothelium. By using novel DNA-type molecules (known as anti-sense) developed in our laboratory, which block a particular gene causing oxidative stress, we will determine whether this gene is responsible for the formation of oxyradicals in human and mouse cells grown in cul..

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