Novel Upstream Regulatory And Down-Stream Signaling Mechanisms Of The Src-Family Protein Kinases

Grant number: 400156


Normal cell growth and division are governed by the balanced action of two groups of enzymes - the enzymes encoded by the proto-oncogenes (precursors of cancer-causing genes) and the tumour suppressor genes. Abnormalities in the regulation of these enzymes cause cancer. Indeed, over-stimulation of a group of proto-oncogenic enzymes called the Src-family kinases (SFKs) is the major contributing factor to most human cancers. In this application, we propose to study how inactivation of SFKs by their native inhibitor CHK suppresses cancer formation and how over-stimulation of SFKs causes cancer. Exactly how CHK inactivates SFKs remains unclear. Recently, we discovered a novel mechanism employed ..

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