Are Routine Healthcare Worker Hand Hygiene Protocols (Soap/Water, Alcohol-Based Hand Rub) Effective Against Influenza?

Grant number: 400589


Although influenza is mainly spread from person-to-person by aerosol transmission (coughing, sneezing etc), there is growing evidence that spread also occurs on the hands of infected patients and their carers (non-aerosol transmission). Because of this, health authorities now recommend the use of careful hand hygiene (HH: hand washing with soap-water or use of alcohol-based hand rub solutions [ABHRS]) by healthcare workers (HCWs) and patients. However, despite these recommendations, there are no data that demonstrate the effectiveness of such HH protocols. This project aims to assess the clinical effectiveness of four HH protocols (handwashing with soap-water, alcohol-only ABHRS, two alcohol..

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