Is bisphosphonate use for the treatment of benign bone disease associated with impaired dental healing?

Grant number: 454683 | Funding period: 2007 - 2008



Osteoporosis (OSP) is a common condition where bones are thin and may break (fracture). Currently, approximately 2 million Australians suffer from OSP. This figure will rise over the next 20 years as people age. Recommended drug treatment of OSP involves medication called bisphosphonates. Recent research, including a warning from the National Adverse Drug Reaction Committee, has suggested a possible association between bisphosphonates and bone breakdown in the jaw (osteonecrosis) - a devastating condition for which no effective treatment exists. This study seeks to determine if bisphosphonate use for the treatment of OSP or other non-cancerous (benign) bone disease (eg Paget's disease) slows..

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