The Impact Of Severe Bushfires On The Ecology, Demography And Genetics Of Frogs In The Victorian Kinglake Region

Grant number: LP100200158 | Funding period: 2011 - 2014



The February 2009 bushfires in Victoria devastated many communities, and also had a profound impact on wildlife species. This research is aimed at measuring the impact of these fires on frogs in the Kinglake region. It will provide a range of national benefits, including a better understanding of the effects of wildfire on native species and their habitats, information to help plan conservation efforts for frogs, and a vital connection with local landowners; some of whom lost their homes in the fires but were still concerned about the wellbeing of frogs in the area. Australia is a fire-prone country, and this project will help develop responses to the threats posed by the expected increase i..

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