New players in urethral closure; defining the role of a novel long noncoding RNA

Grant number: 5R01DK096263 | Funding period: 2012 - 2018



DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Hypospadias (the abnormal placement of the urethral opening) is one of the most common birth defects in the USA, affecting approximately 1 in every 140 live male births. Despite its high incidence, relatively little is known about the causes of this common disease. A few genes have been isolated that predispose the penis to hypospadias. However, genetic causes alone cannot explain a doubling in the reported rate of hypospadias in the USA between 1970-1993. Since inappropriate estrogen exposure or inhibition of androgen signaling have both been shown to induce hypospadias, its increase has been attributed to environmental factors, with environmental endocr..

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