Collaboration Agt For Linkage Agt Lp0561914 - Phytocapping For Sustainable Waste Containment Systems And Reduction Of Greenshouse Gas Emissions And Odour From Waste Disposal Sites

Grant number: LP0561914


Landfills remain the main method of waste disposal in Australia and are a major source of groundwater contamination and greenhouse and odour emissions. This national research program will establish, under a wide range of Australian conditions, whether landfill phytocaps can meet regulatory performance criteria for water infiltration into and gas emissions from closed landfills more effectively, efficiently and sustainably than conventional capping systems. The project will produce (a) a scientific basis for site owners and regulators to agree on the performance and cost of conventional and phyto cover technologies, (b) a manual for the design and permitting of alternative covers and (c)impro..

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