Research Collaboration Grant: (Prof Ramaswami Harindranath / Dr Audrety Yu) Negotiating Cultural Insecurity- Multiculturalism, Arts Policy, Cultural Inicators And Cultural Citizenship

Grant number: 01 | Funding period: 2009 - 2010



1. Scientific goal of the project The main scientific objective of this project is to answer the question what are the cortical mechanisms of improving motor functions in people with Parkinson's disease as a result of training performed on a cycling cycloergometer. 2. The importance of the project Exercise testing in animal models suggests that an important factor contributing to the positive effects of exercise on motor function in PD patients is the intensity of exercise (eg higher exercise rate results in improved motor function and increased dopamine secretion) [2,6,7,8, 11]. Unfortunately, these results have not yet been translated into humans, because there is too little scientific wor..

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