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Targeting of Transient Receptor Potential Channels in Digestive Disease

DP Poole, TM Lieu, NA Veldhuis, P Rajasekhar, NW Bunnett

TRP Channels as Therapeutic Targets: From Basic Science to Clinical Use | Published : 2015


Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels are expressed throughout the gastrointestinal tract and have functional roles as detectors of taste and visceral sensation, as well as mediators of motility and secretion. Altered TRP expression or dysregulation of TRP channel function is associated with the etiology of gastrointestinal disease, including visceral pain, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis and gastroesophageal reflux disease. This chapter summarizes the expression and functional roles of TRP channels in the gastrointestinal tract. The role of TRP channels in the development and maintenance of digestive diseases and the therapeutic potential of TRP channel modulators is also pro..

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