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A hand-held surface plasmon resonance biosensor for the detection of ricin and other biological agents

BN Feltis, BA Sexton, FL Glenn, MJ Best, M Wilkins, TJ Davis



There is an ongoing need for field-deployable biosensor devices. We have constructed a fully self-contained, hand-held biosensor, based on the surface plasmon resonance technique. The dimensions of the sensor unit are 15 x 8 cm, the weight is 600 g and it is powered by a 9 V battery. We have characterised the responsiveness of the sensor using calibrated sucrose solutions and were able to measure changes as small as 3.3 x 10(-6) refractive index units. To demonstrate functionality of the sensor, we have prepared surfaces with an antibody fragment specific for the biological toxin ricin. We were able to detect ricin at 200 ng/mL in 10 min, which is approximately 2500 times less than the minim..

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