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Inhibition of adipose tissue lipolysis increases intramuscular lipid use in type 2 diabetic patients

LJC van Loon, RJF Manders, R Koopman, B Kaastra, JHCH Stegen, AP Gijsen, WHM Saris, HA Keizer

Diabetologia | SPRINGER | Published : 2005


AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: In the present study, we investigated the consequences of adipose tissue lipolytic inhibition on skeletal muscle substrate use in type 2 diabetic patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We studied ten type 2 diabetic patients under the following conditions: (1) at rest; (2) during 60 min of cycling exercise at 50% of maximal workload capacity and subsequent recovery. Studies were done under normal, fasting conditions (control trial: CON) and following administration of a nicotinic acid analogue (low plasma non-esterified fatty acid trial: LFA). Continuous [U-13C]palmitate and [6,6 -2H2]glucose infusions were applied to quantify plasma NEFA and glucose oxidation rates, and to estima..

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