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The use of the [1,2-C-13]acetate recovery factor in metabolic research

LJC van Loon, R Koopman, P Schrauwen, J Stegen, AJM Wagenmakers

European Journal of Applied Physiology | SPRINGER-VERLAG | Published : 2003


To provide guidelines on the correct application of the acetate recovery factor in metabolic research, we investigated the influence of exercise intensity and infusion protocol on [1,2-(13)C]acetate label recovery during exercise. Eight cyclists were studied during [1,2-(13)C]acetate infusion for 1 h at rest followed by three 30-min stages of cycling exercise at a workload of 40, 55 and 75% maximal workload ( W(max)), respectively (protocol 1). Four cyclists were subsequently studied following [1,2-(13)C]acetate infusion in three separate trials while cycling at the same workloads but in the absence of any pre-exercise infusion period (protocol 2). Finally, we observed the cyclists during [1..

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