Journal article

Preliminary December-January inflow and streamflow reconstructions from tree rings for western Tasmania, southeastern Australia

KJ Allen, SC Nichols, R Evans, ER Cook, S Allie, G Carson, F Ling, PJ Baker

Water Resources Research | AMER GEOPHYSICAL UNION | Published : 2015


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

Streamflow and Inflow data are available from Hydro Tasmania and the Department of Primary Industries Parks Water and Environment. Tree ring data will become available via the International Tree-Ring Data Bank ( upon completion of our current project funded by the Australian Research Council and Hydro Tasmania and within 12 months of publication of this paper. The Lagarostrobos franklinii wood properties chronologies used in this paper have been contributed to the ITRDB. The reconstructions can be obtained from the corresponding author. We wish to thank Hydro Tasmania and the Department of Primary Industries Parks Water and Environment for provision of the streamflow and inflow data. Mark Willis, Hydro Tasmania, provided descriptive information about catchments. Samples for this study were obtained under permits issued by Forestry Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Tasmania. Paul Fox-Hughes from the Bureau of Meteorology provided access to information about past hydrological conditions in Tasmania. Ricardo Villalba provided the Villalba et al. [2012] SAM reconstruction, Wasyl Drosdowsky provided the STRI, and Martin Visbeck provided the Visbeck SAM index. Greg Lee assisted with production of Figure 1. K.A. and S.N. were supported by an Australian Research Council Linkage Project (LP12020811) cofunded by Hydro Tasmania. P.J.B. was supported by an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (FT120100751). This paper is also Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory contribution 7913. We are thankful for the constructive and thoughtful suggestions of three reviewers that have improved this paper.