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Null mutation of the alpha 4 nicotinic receptor subunit increases the propensity of muscarinic-mediated neuronal bursting in mouse hippocampal slices

Christopher A Reid, Harold A Coleman, David I Finkelstein, Malcolm K Horne, John Drago

Neuropharmacology | PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD | Published : 2006


Alpha4 subunit nicotinic cholinergic receptor (nAChR) knock out mice (KO) have a greater susceptibility to proconvulsant-induced seizures than do wild type (WT). The underlying mechanisms remain obscure. We tested whether such seizure-like activity was reflected in bursting activity of hippocampal neurons by recording with intracellular microelectrodes from CA1 pyramidal neurons in slices from WT and KO mice. Intriguingly, while carbachol-induced bursting activity occurred in only 21% of WT slices, qualitatively identical patterns of bursting occurred in 72% of KO slices. Extracellular recordings from CA1 and CA3 regions suggest that carbachol-mediated population activity was regionalized in..

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