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Pathological aspects of Australian Stringhalt.

RF Slocombe, PJ Huntington, SC Friend, LB Jeffcott, AR Luff, DK Finkelstein

Equine Vet J | Published : 1992


Nine horses with clinical signs of Australian Stringhalt were killed and tissues collected for a detailed pathological study. Lesions were limited to peripheral nerves and muscles. The most severely affected nerves were the superficial and deep peroneal, distal tibial, plantar digital, volar and recurrent laryngeal nerve with changes characterised by a selective loss of large diameter myelinated fibres with various degrees of demyelination, fibrosis, Schwann cell proliferation and onion-bulb formation. A routine evaluation of the brain and spinal cord by light microscopy failed to reveal any consistent abnormalities. Morphometric analysis of deep peroneal and recurrent laryngeal nerves confi..

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