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Diet influences female signal reliability for male mate choice

Jessica Henneken, Theresa M Jones, Jason QD Goodger, Daniel A Dias, Andre Walter, Mark A Elgar

Animal Behaviour | ACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD | Published : 2015


Pheromones, arguably the most ubiquitous mode of animal communication, are determined by both genetic and environmental factors. Recent evidence suggests that diet may be an important determinant of pheromone variation, which may both enhance and reduce the reliability of the chemical signal. We investigated experimentally the impact of population origin and diet on chemical signals used in mate assessment by monogynous males of the golden-banded orb web spider, Argiope trifasciata. Initial mate preference experiments revealed environmentally determined fine scaling of male mate choice: shortly after their introduction into the laboratory, male spiders preferred females from either their own..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The Australian Research Council (DP1094530 to J.Q.D.G.; DP0987360 to M.A.E.), Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, managed by ANZ Trustees (to J.H.) and Metabolomics Australia (School of BioSciences, The University of Melbourne) support our research.