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A Commentary on the Need for 3D-Biologically Relevant In Vitro Environments to Investigate Astrocytes and Their Role in Central Nervous System Inflammation

FL Maclean, RJ Williams, MK Horne, DR Nisbet

Neurochemical Research | SPRINGER/PLENUM PUBLISHERS | Published : 2016


Astrocytes execute essential functions in the healthy CNS, whilst also being implicated as a limitation to functional regeneration and repair after injury. They respond to injury to minimize damage to healthy tissue whilst also attempting to seal the broken blood-brain-barrier, however, they impede recovery if they are persistent and form a permanent scar in the injured brain. As such, it is of great importance to understand the mechanism underlying the astrocytic response to injury, and this understanding is currently limited by the in vitro environments available to scientists. Biomaterials such as nanofibres and hydrogels offer great potential for the development of superior, 3D cell cult..

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