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Amyloid precursor protein of Alzheimer's disease: evidence for a stable, full-length, trans-membrane pool in primary neuronal cultures

E Storey, M Katz, Y Brickman, K Beyreuther, CL Masters

European Journal of Neuroscience | BLACKWELL SCIENCE LTD | Published : 1999


We and colleagues have shown that the amyloid protein precursor of Alzheimer's disease (APP) is distributed along the surface of neurites of fixed but nonpermeabilized neurons in primary culture in a segmental pattern, which shows colocalization with some markers of adhesion patches. This is in contrast to the diffuse pattern of immunoreactivity seen after permeabilization. We have also recently demonstrated that the APP in these surface patches is likely to be integral to the membrane rather than secreted and re-adsorbed, based on alkali stripping experiments and on soluble APP adsorption experiments. Total cellular APP has previously been shown to have a short half-life of approximately 30..

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