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Amyloidgenicity and neurotoxicity of peptides corresponding to the helical regions of PrPC

A Thompson, AR White, C McLean, CL Masters, R Cappai, CJ Barrow

Journal of Neuroscience Research | WILEY-LISS | Published : 2000


An alpha-helical to beta-sheet conformational change in the prion protein, PrP(C), is believed to be causative in transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Recent nuclear magnetic resonance structures of PrP(C) have identified three helical regions in the normal full-length protein. We have synthesised peptides corresponding to these helical regions (PrP144-154, helical region one; PrP178-193, helical region two; and PrP198-218, helical region three). Circular dichroism results show that the peptide corresponding to helical region one is unstructured, while peptides corresponding to the second and third helical regions have a high propensity to form beta-sheet structure in a pH-dependent ma..

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