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Expression of the APP gene family in brain cells, brain development and aging

R Sandbrink, U Monning, CL Masters, K Beyreuther

Gerontology | KARGER | Published : 1997


The Alzheimer's beta A4-amyloid protein precursor (APP) and the APP-like proteins (APLPs) are transmembrane glycoproteins with a similar modular domain structure. Alternatively spliced exons found in both genes comprise a Kunitz protease inhibitor domain encoding exon, and another exon within the divergent regions adjacent to the transmembrane domain, i.e. exon 15 of the APP gene and an exon encoding 12 residues in APLP2. Omission of the latter exons in L-APP and L-APLP2 isoforms, respectively, generates a functional recognition sequence for xylosyltransferase-mediated addition of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycan formation. In this paper, we summarize our analyses of the regulated express..

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