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The promoter of Alzheimer's disease amyloid A4 precursor gene.

JM Salbaum, A Weidemann, HG Lemaire, CL Masters, K Beyreuther

The EMBO Journal | Published : 1988


The promoter of the gene for the human precursor of Alzheimer's disease A4 amyloid protein (PAD gene) resembles promoters of housekeeping genes. It lacks a typical TATA box and shows a high GC content of 72% in a DNA region that confers promoter activity to a reporter gene in an in vivo assay. Transcription initiates at multiple sites. Sequences homologous to the consensus binding sites of transcription factor AP-1 and the heat shock control element binding protein were found upstream of the RNA start sites. Six copies of a 9-bp-long GC-rich element are located between positions -200 and -100. A protein--DNA interaction could be mapped to this element. The 3.8 kb of the 5' region of the PAD ..

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