Journal article

Epilepsy after the first drug fails: substitution or add-on?

P Kwan, MJ Brodie

Seizure | W B SAUNDERS CO LTD | Published : 2000


When and how a combination of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) should be used in patients unresponsive to monotherapy is not known. We followed up prospectively 248 patients in whom treatment with the first AED was unsuccessful. When treatment failed due to intolerable adverse events, a second (substituted) drug was prescribed. When failure was due to lack of efficacy, either AED substitution or combination (add-on) was undertaken. Patients were considered to be seizure-free if they had no seizures for at least 1 year. Among patients with inadequate seizure control on the first well tolerated AED, those who received substituted monotherapy (n= 35) and those who received add-on treatment (n= 42) ha..

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