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Patellar tendon ultrasonography and jumper's knee in female basketball players: a longitudinal study.

KM Khan, JL Cook, ZS Kiss, PJ Visentini, MW Fehrmann, PR Harcourt, BW Tress, JD Wark

Clin J Sport Med | Published : 1997


OBJECTIVE: To compare patellar tendon sonographic findings at baseline and at follow-up in active female basketball players with and without symptoms of jumper's knee. We hypothesized that baseline sonographic morphology would not reliably predict prognosis and, in particular, that it would not predict the need for surgery. DESIGN: Prospective longitudinal study with 12-month minimum follow-up. SETTING: Institutional elite athlete study group in Australia (Victorian Institute of Sport Tendon Study Group). PATIENTS AND PARTICIPANTS: A total of 15 female elite basketball players with 23 sonographically abnormal tendons and 15 matched control basketball players with 23 sonographically normal te..

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