Book Chapter

LISREL Analyses of the RIASEC Model: Confirmatory and Congeneric Factor Analyses of Holland's Self-directed Search

G Boyle, S Fabris

Work and Organisational Psychology | Sage Reference | Published : 2016


Holland’s (1977-1979, 1985) RIASEC theory of vocational choice proposed that individuals could be classified as predominantly Realistic (R), Investigative (I), Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E), and Conventional (C). Likewise, it was asserted that occupational categories could also be categorized as corresponding to a combination of these six “personality” types. Predictions regarding vocational choice could therefore be based on a matching of occupational and RIASEC profiles. Holland’s (1977) Self-Directed Search (SDS) was structured in terms of the six-factor RIASEC model. However, perusal of the extant literature indicates that the construct validity of this model has not been su..

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