Conference Proceedings

Dante Bini’s ‘New Architectural Formulae’: Construction, Collapse and Demolition of Binishells in Australia 1974-2015

A PUGNALE, A Bologna, P Hogben (ed.), J O’Callaghan (ed.)

Proceedings of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand: 32, Architecture, Institutions and Change | SAHANZ | Published : 2015


The Italian architect Dante Bini began his studies on shell structures during the 1960s. He developed and refined a form-finding and construction technique to erect a finished large-span reinforced concrete (RC) shell structure through the use of an inflatable membrane. This system was patented in 1964 under the name ‘Binishell’ and, over the following decades, it has been applied to construct hundreds of domes throughout the world. Bini’s invention fitted perfectly into the Italian post-war tradition, as he was, at the same time, the architect and builder of his structures. A few experimental tests were initially performed in Italy, and the first binishells that he lifted after the patent ..

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