Journal article

An immunohistochemical analysis of fibroid vasculature

R Casey, PAW Rogers, BJ Vollenhoven

Human Reproduction | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2000


This study aimed to compare vascular parameters between fibroid and myometrium. From 10 uteri, specimens were taken from small fibroids (3 cm), and from myometrium. Antibodies to endothelial cell markers CD31, CD34, factor VIII-related antigen (FVIII), and Ulex europaeus lectin were used in routine immuno- and lectin chemistry protocols. Parameters calculated were vascular area (VA), microvascular density (MD) and vascular luminal diameter. VA measures showed that myometrium had a greater area stained than small fibroids (P = 0.03) using CD31 and both inner (P = 0.04) and outer (P = 0.01) regions of large fibroids using FVIII, and than all groups (small, P = 0.02; inner, P = 0.02; outer, P =..

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