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Five-year outcome of infants of birthweight 500 to 1500 grams: relationship with neonatal ultrasound data.

WH Kitchen, GW Ford, AL Rickards, LW Doyle, E Kelly, LJ Murton

American Journal of Perinatology | Published : 1990


Of 154 consecutive survivors of birthweight 500 to 1500 gm, 139 (90.3%) were seen at 5 years of age, corrected for prematurity, and 137 (89%) were able to be fully assessed by both the psychologist and pediatrician. All but two children had had serial cranial ultrasonography with a linear array real-time scanner in the neonatal period. At 5 years, of 39 children with cerebral ultrasound abnormalities detected during their primary hospitalization, seven (17.9%) had cerebral palsy, but 32 (82.1%) did not. A further three children with cerebral palsy at 5 years had had no cerebral abnormalities on ultrasound. Of the cerebral abnormalities diagnosed by ultrasound, ventricular dilation, with or w..

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