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Energy shaping revisited

R Ortega, AJ van der Schaft, I Mareels, B Maschke

2009 IEEE Control Applications, (CCA) & Intelligent Control, (ISIC) | IEEE | Published : 2000


Energy shaping is the essence of passivity based control (PBC), a controller design technique that is very well-known in mechanical systems. Our objectives in this article are threefold: First, to call attention to the fact that PBC does not rely on some particular structural properties of mechanical systems, but hinges on the more fundamental (and universal) property of energy balancing. Second, to identify the physical obstacles that hamper the use of 'standard' PBC in applications other than mechanical systems. In particular, we will show that 'standard' PBC is stymied by the presence of unbounded energy dissipation, hence it is applicable only to systems that are stabilizable with passiv..

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