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Iterative learning control for load control of smart turbine blades with variable rotation rates

O Tutty, M Blackwell, E Rogers, R Sandberg

Proceedings of the ... American Control Conference. American Control Conference | IEEE | Published : 2015


© 2015 American Automatic Control Council. Previous work has demonstrated the feasibility of iterative learning control applied to wind turbine blades with smart rotors in order to smooth the natural fluctuations in aerodynamic load through vorticity generation at the trailing edge using devices such as flaps. Here we extend this work by a) including a more physically realistic model of the flow by adding a model of the wake which evolves with the flow downstream of the blade, and b) allowing for fluctuations in the period of rotation of the blade, reflecting a situation found in practise. Again, ILC control is found to produce a significant reduction in 2-norm and ∞-norm measures of the var..

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