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Activation by zinc of the human gastrin gene promoter in colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Kathryn M Marshall, Marie Laval, Ortis Estacio, Damien F Hudson, Paul Kalitsis, Arthur Shulkes, Graham S Baldwina, Oneel Patel



Over-expression of growth factors can contribute to the development and progression of cancer, and gastrins in particular have been implicated in accelerating the development of gastrointestinal cancers. Previously our group showed that hypoxia, cobalt chloride (a hypoxia mimetic) and zinc chloride could activate the expression of the gastrin gene in vitro. To characterise activation of the gastrin promoter by zinc ions further in vivo, TALEN technology was used to engineer a luciferase reporter construct into the endogenous human gastrin gene promoter in SW480 colon cancer cells. Gastrin promoter activity in the resultant Gast(luc) SW480 colon cancer cells was then measured by bioluminescen..

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