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Feasibility of Energy-Autonomous Wireless Microsensors for Biomedical Applications: Powering and Communication.

Farhad Goodarzy, Efstratios Stan Skafidas, Simone Gambini

IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering | Published : 2015


In this review, biomedical-related wireless miniature devices such as implantable medical devices, neural prostheses, embedded neural systems, and body area network systems are investigated and categorized. The two main subsystems of such designs, the RF subsystem and the energy source subsystem, are studied in detail. Different application classes are considered separately, focusing on their specific data rate and size characteristics. Also, the energy consumption of state-of-the-art communication practices is compared to the energy that can be generated by current energy scavenging devices, highlighting gaps and opportunities. The RF subsystem is classified, and the suitable architecture f..

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